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Rowe Orchard's currently has 14 varieties of apples in production. There have also been 5 new varieties planted recently which are not yet being harvested. Of the apples in production we have the ever classic Mac and Cortland apples. We also harvest the popular (for eating) Macoun. The Honeycrisp is relatively new, they are excellent eating apples so try one if you haven't already.

Apples in Production


The Julyred originated in New Brunswick, New Jersey and was introduced in 1962. With a harvest date in mid August it is the first apple off the trees at Rowe's. The Julyred is a soft and sweet apple good for eating.


The Paulared apple was introduced in 1967 in Sparta, Michigan. Paulareds are very firm and tart, good for eating and cooking.


The Quinti was introduced in 1964 in Ottawa, Ontario. The Quinti is a cross between the Crimson Beauty and the Red Melba apple. Quinti apples are good for eating and cooking; it is a sweet apple.


Puritan apples originated in Amherst, Massachusetts and were introduced in 1953. Puritans are a McIntosh, Red Astrachan cross. The Puritan is a soft and somewhat tart apple mainly used for eating and cooking.


The Jerseymac originated in New Brunswick, New Jersey and was introduced in 1972. The Jewseymac is a cross between the July Red and the NH 24. Jerseymacs are moderately firm and sweet-tart.

Early McIntosh

Early McIntosh apples were introduced in 1923 and originated in Geneva, New York. The Early Mac is a cross between a Yellow Transparent and a McIntosh. Early Macs are moderately firm and crisp and good for eating and baking.


Redcort apples originated in Malboro, New York. Redcorts are a limb mutation of the popular Cortland apple. The Redcort is a crisp, sweet apple good for eating.



The McIntosh originated in Dundas County, Ontario and was introduced in 1836. McIntosh apples are crisp and somewhat firm with a mainly sweet taste. The McIntosh is a popular apple used for eating, cooking, cider and sauce.



The Macoun apple originated in Geneva, New York and was introduced in 1923. Macouns are a cross between the McIntosh and the Jersy Black apple. The Macoun is moderately firm and crisp with a sweet flavor. The Macoun is a popular eating apple.

honey crisp


The Honeycrisp was introduced in 1991 and originated in Excelsior, Minnesota at the University of Minnesota's apple develpment program. The Honeycrisp apple was thought to be a cross between the Macoun and the Honeygold, but genetic testing has shown the Keepsake apple to be the only identified parent. Honeycrisps are very crisp and sweet apples great for eating.



Spencer apples originated in Summerland, British Columbia and were introduced in 1959. The Spencer is a cross between a McIntosh and Golden Delicious and a great eating apple. Spencers are firm and crisp with a very sweet flavor.



Cortland apples originated in Geneva, New York and were introduced in 1915. The Cortland is a cross between the Ben Davis and the McIntosh apples. Cortlands are moderately firm, crisp, and sweet good for eating, drying, freezing, salads, baking and cider.

red delicious

Red Delicious

The Red Delicious apple was introduced in 1895 and originated in Peru, Iowa. Red Delicious apples have thick skins with a crisp center and sweet flavor.

golden delicious

Golden Delicious

Golden Delicious apples originated in West Creek, Virginia and were intoduced in 1916. The Golden Delicious is a firm, crisp apple with a sweet flavor good for eating and baking.

New Varieties Planted (not yet being harvested)

Liberty, Northern Spy, Wolf River, Crispin, Gala

Note: Much of the information for this page came from "Our Apples" by Shahrokh Khanizadeh and Johanne Cousineau.